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Here are some fairly simple modifications you can use to customize your Genesis.

Vertical Air Feed

  • VL Genesis
  • smaller allen key (comes with the marker)
  • Crescent wrench or pliers

This mod is as simple as you can get.  Remove the CO2 and make sure that the marker isn't cocked an that it's on safe. Then just take out the two retaining screws on the bottom-line adapter with the smaller Allen key, and put them somewhere you won't forget about them (you could even screw them back into the grip when you're done).  Next is where the pliers or Crescent wrench come in (I reccommend the Crescent wrench, theres less of a chance that you'll strip the nut.).  Unscrew the steel braided hose from the foregrip, and then all you have to do is unscrew the foregrip (you can do this by hand).  One more thing, be careful during rapid fire use, theres more of a chance that your inner workings could freeze. (This is a very unlikey thing to happen but I'd rather be safe than sorry.)


Send me your mods!

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